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Sighs I deleted this app cuz I had no use for it.. Instagram became my addiction but certain things can’t be written down or said let alone tell someone .. No ones trustable and here well I don’t follow anyone close to me so I installed this again to just jot down a few things a few things that won’t be used against me or hurt anyone even though the person deserves it.. So yea it’s been a while.. Got myself together n got a girl.. A very difficult person.. Idk how some people managed to stay long with her.. I’m here grabbing my hair pulling it out cuz sometimes it’s too much.. Little things just tick her off..
Gotta think about every step before I make it.. I’m the rebound guy. To
Make things worse but then again I haven’t had anything in a while.. So it’s a win/losing situation..
She texts her ex lying to my face.. But I don’t make a deal out of it.. I do one small thing wrong n bam .. There are days I have my doubts.. Days where I hope you do
Mess up to use it to get out of it.. Cuz yea It’s too
Much for me to handle.. But there are other days your soooo amazing just makes me not regret it.. But gosh soo many things bother me but I keep my mouth closed… I’m glad I am doing this though
I can let everything out and again no one will know.. Doubt your even reading.. If you are well I hope you feel the frustration I’m having
Late nights like this aren’t bad I’m sleepy and I love sleep!!! I played basketball today was good too. Played longer soo I’m really tired but you kept me up long cuz then you’d be upset that I knock out.. And when you do I don’t say a word. Cu ik your tired.. Idk what to do.. Sighs.. Ima sleep and let things go their way
If she wants her ex back so be it
I’ve been good on my own
I can wait for someone that’s right
Anywho thank you tumblr goodnight.